With a diverse portfolio Eastside Asset Management is well respected and known for maintaining an honest and trusting property management division.

We currently provide our service in King and Snohomish counties. We do residential from single to multi-units.

An owner and renter portal be available once signed up with our services, so up-to-date information is available online. Tenant can pay rent online or mail in rent check, we accept credit cards and other payments with a small fee.

For Property Owners

Adhering to a higher standard, our managers not only make sure your properties and tenants are cared for but that vacant properties are marketed effectively to help ensure greater occupancy. Our approach is comprehensive and efficient.

  • Vacancy Listing Services
  • Application Processing
  • Rent Collection
  • Eviction Coordination
  • Marketing & Rental Property Advertising
  • Credit Checks & Background Investigation
  • Property Upkeep & Maintenance
  • Accounting & Documentation


We offer competitive price to fit your needs. 

We normally charge half a month rent fee to find a tenant (minimum fee may apply). And 10% to 14% monthly management fee depending on the condition and location of the rental property. There is a minium management fee of $200 a month, 

There is no charge for lease renewal with existing tenants. This includes proposed the new rent rate base on the market at the time, prepare the new lease agreement and signing with tenants. We also offer visual inspection  of the rental, provide pictures and recommendation to owner if any maintenance is needed,  The fee for this service is $300.

Please call us for more details about the pricing. We currently manage property in these cities: Redmond, Kirkland, Sammamish, Issaquah, Snoqulamie, Woodinville, Bothell, Mill creek, Monroe and Sultan.


我们只做整租,不做分租服务。为客户出租房子需要收取第一个月租金的一半(第一个月租金的50%)。房屋的管理费大概是10%-14%左右(需要具体看房屋的大小新旧和地段而决定,一般不是特别旧太多需要维修保养和特别偏远的房子管理费都在 10%。最低管理费 $200.

我们公司只管理1990年以上建造的房子🏠。我们将会尽力尽快为你寻到好的租客,在出租后我们公司管理期间为顾客进行一些小的免费的维修,让房东尽量降低成本,美国人工特别昂贵,这也是我们公司最特别的一项服务,以及平时与租客保持良好的沟通.如有重大维修需要请人维修的,我们会及时汇报给房东知晓。任何事都会跟房东商量,房东决定后我们才会实施。我们为房东收存租金,如果租客不及时交租或者违约,我们会及时驱逐租客.如果屋主没空我们可以为之代缴税. 我们目前在管理以下城市物业:Redmond、Kirkland、Sammamish、Issaquah、Snoqulamie、Woodinville,  Bothell、Mill creek、Monroe 和 Sultan。